How Do I Get Into Watch Collecting?

How Do I Get Into Watch Collecting?

There are a multitude of reasons that can explain a desire to get into watch collecting. It could be an appreciation for the engineering that goes into making timepieces or even delight in a particular fandom whose characters sport a particular brand of watches. Whatever the inspiration, there are some basic rules that can make this endeavor enjoyable and fruitful.

·       Do The Research

Depending on what theme you are interested in following, research is important. Whether it is a price range, particular brand, or style of watch, you will need to peruse the options and features to figure out what you like and should pursue. Whether it is the durability of Victorinox or the investment value of Patek Philippe, you will different brands and styles hold different appeal. Luckily, there are many enthusiast sites that offer plenty of helpful information, not to mention brand sites themselves. You can dig into the history of the companies and their founders and identify important timepieces that formed the foundation of their successes.

·       Find A Focus

You will need to pick a path when starting a collection. You can later deviate but it is ideal to have some idea as to what theme to pursue. You can opt to focus on timepieces from a particular time period or a specific style from a preferred brand. The more you specialize, the more knowledgeable you become and capable of separating great finds from duds. 

Either way, always try to pick pieces that suit your personal style and taste, be they a Rolex or a Casio. Do not be guided by just the price tag. You will gain greater satisfaction from a watch that appeals to your mind and heart. When looking for vintage pieces, also be sure to pay attention to the condition. Ideally, you should only invest in choices that only need no more attention than cleaning.

·       Match Your Style to Your Lifestyle

If you are a corporate magnate, it would not be out of place to be seen sporting elegant classic timepieces to the boardroom. Outdoor enthusiasts with large divers' timepieces are also well matched. If you regularly transition from the corporate world to great outdoors, then a range of watches that reflects this would be ideal. Just as with clothes, it is advisable to have something to suit every occasion. You can also add variety to your collection by having a mix or representation of both vintage and modern pieces.

·       Vintage or Modern

As mentioned, a mix can be great for allowing you more flexibility when dressing up or to simply add variety to your collection. It can, however, define the focus of your collection. There are those who invest primarily in vintage pieces. This route requires more research and a discerning eye to find quality choices. Many collectors have a great love for the historical significance and styles of vintage pieces. On the other hand, you may prefer being the first time owner of a modern piece. The state of the art technology and the pristine condition are often desirable to many.

For beginners, it is best to stick to reputable sellers. It can be risky to buy any other way until you get better at spotting fakes. Find a reliable platform where you can seek advice about pieces you are considering to start off your collection.

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