Care by Chronos

Care by Chronos Boutique,  creates a bond of trust between the customer and the Chronos name. Our goal is to show our customers,  that we care as much as they do about  their timepieces and their safekeeping.

 We take time to understand our customers and bring a high level of knowledge and insight to each piece.

Our Services Include:


For more information about our services, watch repair or a general check-up of your timepiece; whether you purchased it at Chronos Boutique or not, please send an email to

Send images of the current state of your watch front and back, and briefly describe the  problems you are currently experiencing.

It is important that you include details of your purchase and factory warranty. We will advise of  the corresponding process in order to tend to your concern.

If your watch was purchased at our Chronos Boutique stores, we will need a copy of your receipt and original stamped warranty card,  in order to fulfill the corresponding manufacturers warranty.

Chronos Boutique works hand in hand with manufacturers of the brands we represent, therefore, we have access to all the original parts of your watch which may need replacement.
Purchase Warranty / Service Warranty. Care by Chronos
The purchase warranty and the service warranties have different conditions; for more information visit this page or contact us by mail.